Not just business time

I love all things vintage. I don’t just buy this old stuff for the rental business, I also buy it for my own household. The expression “they don’t build ’em like that anymore” is a common phrase in my house – because it’s true. I don’t know exactly when the days of planned obsolescence began – but for a stretch of time there, products were made to last, and last they do.


My house is full of mid-century appliances, cookware, furniture, and electronics – all thrifted, of course. My 1970s Sony radio is a prize possession, scored for 10 bucks. The reception is unreal, I’m sure I’m getting channels from outer space.

I’ve picked up decades old Kitchen Aid mixers, Cuisineart food processors, percolators and espresso makers – and all of them still work. I use them on a daily basis.

I highly recommend buying vintage if you come across something you want or need. A lot of places will let you test out electronics before you buy – and even have return policies on electronics (make sure to ask before you purchase). I am at the point now, with my vintage product knowledge, that I will even buy a non-working item with the intention of fixing it because I know once it’s restored to working order, it will be worth the time and effort.

Happy thrifting!

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